EDANA Testimonials

“It’s amazing, those products bring benefits to millions of people”

Pierre Wiertz
General manager

“If you think about the number of opportunities, the number of possibilities you have, it’s mindboggling”

Marines Lagemaat
Scientific & Technical Affairs Director

“We offer a wide range of training courses, either on nonwovens, or absorbent hygiene products or on filtration”

Anaëlle Schütz
Scientific Affairs & Training Coordinator

“There are very many other vital & spectacular procedures where nonwovens make the difference”

Luminita Barbu
Regulatory Affairs Director

“I have the pleasure to work with our industry members in creating a vision on sustainability”

Gil Stevens
External Relations & Sustainability Director

“The Circular Nonwovens Forum aims to create a platform for industry’s players to meet and discuss about Circular Economy"

Christelle Tuncki
External Relations & Sustainability Coordinator

“It’s an exciting supply chain that I’m proud to work for”

Jacques Prigneaux
Market Analysis & Economic Affairs Director

“I have seen the association leading many sustainability projects”

Giovanna Merola
Membership, Marketing & Data Services Coordinator

“The nonwovens industry is definitely an innovative industry”

Natacha Defeche
Marketing & Member Engagement Director

"With my kids, I use nonwovens every day, from changing their diapers to hygienic wipes. I don't know how my life would be without nonwovens!"

Delphine Rens
Marketing & Events Manager

“Nonwovens are very versatile and the fact that they cover so many sectors, and they have so many applications, make it very interesting"

Seán Kerrigan
Director of Communications & Media Relations

“I think the first word that comes to mind it’s probably hygiene because it’s the products that we use everyday”

Noelia Fernandez
Director of Administration & HR

“In construction, the roof isolation, the foundations and ground stabilisation of your house is made with nonwovens material parts"

Martine Evrard
Financial & Accounting Manager

“I was very surprised to discover that nonwovens were present everywhere in my house”

Marie-Josepha Peeters
Office Coordinator