Meet the nonwovens industry

Discover the technologies that make the nonwovens industry an outstanding example.

Neenah Filtration

"Using different polymers in the meltblown process makes a large difference in the end product and allows our #nonwovens to be part in many aspects of everyone’s lives."

Katrin Sandbichler
Senior Account Executive


"I want to explain a little about #nonwovens from the perspective of wet wipe applications in these challenging times. We have been doing our best to help the COVID-19 fight by providing our state-of-the-art production lines where needed."

Anil Kırhallı
Sales Director


"Our Madaline is a hybrid #nonwoven technology that combines spunbond and hydro-entangling. We produce microfilaments which are almost 100 times thinner than human hair, and then we entangled them with waterjets composed of polyesters and polyamides. So we believe Madaline is bridging the gap between nonwovens and traditional textiles."

Serkan Gogus
CEO of Mogul


"Circularity is in Lenzing’s DNA. Our Veocel™ branded wood-based cellulosic fibres are derived from sustainably managed forests. After use, the fibre biodegrades in soil, compost and water."

Jürgen Eizinger
Vice President Global Business Nonwovens

Technical Absorbents

"Innovation is key to us and is at the heart of everything that we do. We created a complex needlefelt material with the SAF trapped and encapsulated in the middle. It’s a very flexible, durable and tough material for many different uses."

Mark Paterson
Product Development Director


"When wrapped around a building, the unique nonwoven structure of Tyvek prevents wind and rain from getting into and yet it lets any moisture or humidity that does build up in the wall to escape."

Shawn Hunter
Global Sustainability Leader

Avgol Nonwovens

"We utilise polymeric engineered materials that have the ability to be biodegradable, repurposed, such as fibre film, recycled, such as taking PET bottles and making PET products."

Nick Carter
Director of Market Business Intelligence and Intellectual Property


"Most of the adhesives used are invisible to the consumer. They are just expected to work. Yet the adhesive on a feminine pad is one of the most noticeable ones especially if there is a failure. The Staybility Test method will help the producers pick the right adhesive to fit the consumer needs."

Darius Deak
Global Director of R&D

Kelheim Fibres

"A fibre alone would be nothing without the further processing into a nonwoven. The innovative synergy by combining unique fibre solutions with innovative manufacturing technologies of nonwovens contributes to the creation of nonwoven products that are high in performance and sustainable."

Ilka Kaczmarek
Innovation Manager

Fiber Partner

"We are developing all kinds of different polyester fibers, biodegradable. That means that virtually, all types of nonwovens based on polyester can be 100% biodegradable."

Thomas Wittrup
CEO of FiberPartner

Berry global

"In line with our strategy, we have found ways to reduce packaging weight, increase #recycled content products and also, add products that offer the possibility of #compostability and #biodegradability."

James Taylor
Product Line Director

International Paper

“Every #rawmaterial that we are putting out is a sustainable and low impact product. We have a finite amount of #resources left on the planet so we might as well use ones that can be reused over and over.”


"We will combine 3 #nonwovens technologies together and this will provide a 100% biodegradable substrate with high absorbency and release values. Our goal was to provide a 100% sustainable nonwoven for wipes while delivering the performance our consumers expected."

Kelly Wright
Product Expert for Personal Care and Components

Hollingsworth & Vose

"We are able to provide a significant increase in indoor air quality. At the same time, due to its unique design, our patented filter can provide enormous energy cost savings and reduction in CO₂ emissions."

Suzana Vidaković
Global Marketing Manager


SABIC and its #sustainable approach to #innovative materials in the chemistry industry.


"Mölnlycke has worked intensely in the last year to help healthcare workers being equipped with personal protective equipment to be able to perform their work."

Andreas Hellman
Global Marketing Director

Herrmann Ultraschalltechnik

"Acting economically, ecologically, and socially responsible is important to retain the resources also for our future generations."

Sarah Kniehl
Sales Engineer


"We are now offering innovative slitting and splicing solutions adapted to natural and laminated material with the same final product quality and speed line."

Cyrille Pontet
General Manager

Nonwovens Innovation & Research Institute (NIRI)

"We are utilising #nonwovens technology to offer #innovative new products for a wide range of applications."

Dr. Matthew Tipper

Beaulieu International Group

"For us, innovation is real teamwork! It involves everybody in our company. I see passion, commitment, power and perseverance for the future ahead of us. Our team of R&D engineering, operations and quality form a multi-disciplinary task force to fit fiber technology into nonwoven production."

Maria Teresa Tomaselli
General Manager, Beaulieu Fibres International

Jacob Holm

"The cotton fibers are organically grown near our production site. Our production plant in France has completely eliminated waste to landfill, through recycling, regeneration and repurposing."

Martin Mikkelsen


“Nonwoven can give a very high tensile strength at a low weight, we like to use these nonwovens in combination with extrusion coating to make a monomaterial film which has high water barrier properties in combination with high strength. This combination was welcome to protect our medical personnel during the COVID-19 pandemic all over the world."

Bart Vansteenkiste
Business Development Manager

Johns Manville

“We are using a significant amount of #recycled post-consumer polyester. So, our #nonwovens are not only durable, but they also help in finding a second life for millions and millions of used drinking water bottles."

Martin Kleinebrecht
Global Marketing Communications Head

Arion Group

“Our nonwovens Swash products do not only offer advantages to end-users in terms of hygiene, patient comfort and conveniency for the nurses, but it is also better and offer advantages for the environment."

Fabian Groven
CSR Manager at Arion

Fibertex Personal Care

“I am proud to be part of an industry that has really come together and demonstrated the needed #awareness and #responsibility around #Sustainability."

Jens Suhr Bay
Sales Manager


“We investigate in #RawMaterials & process to improve manufacturing solutions to reduce material waste while keeping similar or better properties. We have the pleasure to work in partnership with Hill’s inc, a leader in multicomponent filament & #fibers on the development of new bi-component spunbond #nonwovens bringing bulkiness, lightness properties to the nonwoven."

Simon Fremeaux
Nonwoven Platform Manager


“At Glatfelter, we understand the need for more sustainable #nonwoven solutions. #Sustainability helps drive our #innovation every day. We work creatively to develop products that are sustainably attractive both at the beginning of life, using materials derived from #natural resources. And at the end of life, developing products that are both compostable and/or biodegradable."

Chris Astley
Senior Vice President, Chief Commercial Officer

Silke Brand-Kirsch
Vice President of Marketing and Business Development

Hassan Group

“We developed washable & reusable face masks which can be washed up to 10 times and provides effective protection against the bacteria. In addition to this, we developed high absorbent cleaning wipes resistant to liquids, and breathable protective clothing which provides extra comfort.”

Hüner Aydin
Technical Sales Manager


“Nonwovens shadow us wherever we go, but for most of those not involved in the #nonwovens business, they still remain a mystery. We contribute our bit to that with state-of-the-art technologies, like spunbond calenders, spunlace lines and converting machines.”

Andreas Lukas
Senior Vice President and Division Manager


“Croda is employing worldwide #sustainability initiatives to help lessen #environmental impact including moving to high performance, #renewable bio-based ingredients.”

Nuria Morales
Nonwovens Business Development Manager


“Our innovation process is designed to combine all different functions and not just R&D, from sportswear to filtration, from automotive to energy, from building material components up to healthcare products.” ”

Gerhard Schöpping
Director Global Innovation & Technology


"Our filters' excellent bacterial #filtration efficiency helps to keep the user safe with high #breathability that provides comfort for longer #mask usage."

Marco Consiglio
Business Development and Product Manager

Tenowo Nonwovens

“Often nonwovens are the most underestimated part of prefabricated components because they are not visible in the majority of cases.”

Moritz Eger
Sustainability Coordinator and Research Engineer